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How to Deal With Injuries at Theme Parks or Resorts

Each year, millions of people visit Florida to enjoy the beaches, theme parks, and historic sites. A vacation to the sunshine state can create memories that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, some individuals may be left with memories of accidents or injuries that overshadow the positive aspects of their vacation.

Injuries and accidents are confusing and stressful, but if you're away from home, you may not know where to turn. If you need treatment, visit a medical professional. Similarly, talk to a lawyer if you are having trouble understanding the legal aspects of your claim.

Theme Parks

Florida's theme parks, such as Universal and Walt Disney World, attract visitors from all over the world. People flock to these establishments for many reasons, but most of them seem to seek out the thrills that roller coasters and other rides offer. Roller coasters and simulated rides are exciting, but sometimes the adrenaline gets pumping because we've gotten more than we've bargained for.

Most, if not all, rides state that certain individuals may not be cleared to ride a certain attraction, but the staff also has a duty to protect those who ride. If you were injured due to inadequate lighting, improperly secured seat belts, or faulty equipment, you may have a claim against a theme park for personal injury benefits.

Some rides are meant to inspire fear or anxiety in the rider, but that doesn't excuse injuries that could have been prevented. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is probably Universal Orlando's most popular ride at the moment, having opened in summer 2010. The Orlando Sentinel states that the park reported its first significant guest injuries on the ride. A man briefly lost consciousness on the ride and another experienced chest pains in the beginning quarter of 2011. The highly intense graphics, motions, sounds, and themes may present unexpected dangers to riders.


When people visit Florida, they need a place to stay. Some people want to extend the theme park experience past when the park closes, so they stay at the theme park's hotel or resort. These accommodations are popular with families, especially if they have children who may have an interest in a certain character, movie, or television show.

The resort's attractions can quickly become dangerous if the conditions make it so. For example, some resorts don't always have lifeguards on duty at their pools, which can leave swimmers (especially children) at risk of injury or death. The food or beverages at their restaurants or buffets can be too hot and burn a visitor. Appliances or electronics in the rooms may be faulty and cause electrical shocks or fires. These events are not common, but they can happen if the staff or management does not try to prevent them.

Treatment for a Tourist Injury

If you're injured on a theme park ride or at a resort, you want to immediately notify the staff. Staff members should know the proper procedure for helping injured theme park and resort visitors, usually by filling out an accident report and calling emergency services if necessary. If you are with someone, ask them to document the danger that caused the injury by taking pictures or writing down crucial information. After you've left the park, visit a medical professional that is qualified to treat your injury. Continue to get treatment when you return home if it is necessary to your recovery.

Serious injuries could make an unfortunate situation more complicated. Getting benefits from the appropriate sources can be difficult or impossible without taking legal action. Talk to an injury attorney as soon as you can following your accident. Even if you live across the country or across the world, a Florida injury attorney may be able to help you if you've been injured in the state.

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